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Located in Texas, we are one of the premier kitchen and bath remodeling service experts in Fort Worth and Arlington. Our master professional craftsman shall ensure that we make your dream kitchen and give the personalized services for each of the minute things that you are looking for. For bathrooms, we offer one of the most elegant designs which are luxurious and affordable to you. Besides kitchen and bathroom, any kind of customization to your home, we can do it for you.

It is observed that most common project for remodeling in the United States is kitchen remodeling. The primary reason for this is that investment in a remodeling of a kitchen is rewarding since it gives the best return. Further, remodeling the kitchen not only increases the value of the home, however, home improvement and real estate professionals also are of the view that kitchen is one of the most important factors which influences the new investor or the person who wants to buy the home. And hence, it is usually the primary thing which prospective buyer considers while investing.



We are providing the below-described services;

  • Kitchen Cabinets

We have thousands of options which are available in different variants such as brands, colors, finishing materials. You can choose the best kitchen cabinets which suit your kitchen need.

We have the kitchen cabinets which are of the following materials such as tedd wood, Merillat masterpiece, marsh furniture, custom cabinets, solid wood construction, dovetail to stainless steel drawer, soft- close features, stain, paint, exotic veneers and high gloss finishes.

Further, we can also get customized cabinets which gives an absolutely unique vision for your kitchen. The designers at our store will help you to figure out the exact solution of your need which is the best fit for your space and theme.

  • Traditional Kitchens

While visiting us at Fort Worth-Arlington, our traditional kitchen design experts shall suggest you the most classic and yet modern design which gives a formal and elegant look to your kitchen. Our design style mainly includes Georgian, Victorian, Federal, Edwardian, Regency, Early American, Italianate and Neoclassical.

Instead of the brighter look, the traditional designs have the soft colors such as white, cream, green, light grey, and taupes.

  • Contemporary Kitchens

We have a wide variety of choices for contemporary kitchens which are different in colors, textures, and materials. The simple design is essence of modern kitchen. Our approach differs from one customer to the other customer since the requirement and the budget differs from the customer to customer. In the contemporary kitchen, we use sleek finishes such as glossy cabinets and Stainless Steel Island. We use the best possible technology and the latest available design to match with the requirement of our clients.

  • Kitchen Countertops and Surfaces:

Kitchen countertops are the work surfaces which are supported by the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen countertops are the direct point of the attraction. We are having the wide range of countertops such as marble, Corian, quartz, glass, tile, granite, quartzite, Cambria, caesar stone, Pompeii, Solid surface, butcher block etc.

While visiting our store, our professional experts will suggest the countertops which best suits your kitchen. When you install quartz countertops, these do not require much maintenance.

Further, we deal with both cost-effective and luxurious countertops. The recent development has made Corian countertops most popular. We promise to provide the best quality and durability of countertops for your kitchen.

  • Outdoor Kitchens

Are you looking for getting the best experience from the backyard kitchen? Give a new life to your backyard with us. We shall help in designing the outdoor kitchen. It will definitely turn up to the hottest spot for spending the time with your family.

We help in designing the outdoor kitchen in a more personalized way. We absolutely design the kitchen with your preferences in mind. We have different ideas such as outdoor grilling station, bar, and barbeque, television, and the outdoor view, pergola, vent hood, louver, shaker, slab, 100% weatherproof etc.

Besides the above-described services we also offer the following mentioned services as a part of kitchen remodeling services.

  • Kitchen Backsplash Paneling with the help of materials such as granite, tumbled marble, glass, glass tile, metal tile, stainless steel, subway tile, stone, porcelain, and travertine.
  • Kitchen Tile and Stone for kitchen flooring and walls which includes ceramic, porcelain, travertine, marble, limestone, pavers, slate, wood, coral stone, coquina tile, Mexican shelve stone, Mexican tile, onyx, and stone floors.
  • Kitchen sinks, kitchen fixtures, and faucets which are of stainless steel, porcelain, stone, composite, glass, vessel sink, sinks, taps, and knobs.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing with the help of a variety of available paints, stain, and glaze. We are also providing the customization in kitchen finishing.
  • Kitchen Designs and Closet Systems
  • Custom Cabinetry of the kitchen
  • Renovation of kitchen windows and doors which are of casements, single hung, gliders, etc.
  • Kitchen Lighting such as recessed, pendant, under cabinet, task lights, general, accent, and LED lights.
  • Kitchen Painting
  • Custom Woodwork
  • Luxury Kitchen Designs
  • Small Kitchen Remodeling

We are also providing the green and eco-friendly remodeling which enables us to reduce the gases such as carbon and helps in the emission of hazardous gases. We are also providers of commercial kitchen remodeling such as restaurant kitchen remodeling or different builder and construction companies.

We deal in selling all kinds of kitchen appliances. These are ranging from simple coffee maker to pizza oven. Moreover, we also deal in all kinds of kitchen accessories which maximize the beauty of a new kitchen such as roll-outs, spice drawers, charging stations.

Bath Remodeling and Renovations

It is observed that a shower remodeling actually can realize the more resale value of the house by at least 20%. The reason is the right shower can actually give you the experience of a relaxing spa. Remodeling of your bathroom can really enhance the enjoyment and give a wonderful bathing experience.

While you are looking for remodeling of your bathroom, at first you must prepare the details and also need to decide the budget and the work that you want the professionals to carry out. When you visit our store, we will help you with the different ideas and inspiration.



We are providing the following services;

  • Tub and Shower Installation
  • Tub to Shower Conversion
  • Walk-In Tubs Renovations
  • Bathroom Vanity Installation
  • Bathroom Remodeling Contractors
  • Bathroom Countertop Replacement & Installation
  • Shower Doors and Enclosures
  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Jacuzzi and Spa Tubs
  • Bath Wall Surrounds
  • Custom Bathroom Renovations

Whether you are looking for a small bathroom remodeling or commercial bathroom remodeling, we can accommodate your requirements very easily.

We also deal in remodeling the entire home and/or any home additions or alterations. In all, we can be your perfect partner for all types of remodeling and renovation that you are looking for.



Why should you remodel the kitchen?

  • Increase the market value:

Remodeling of home makes the look of the home marvelous, completely beautiful. It appeals to the prospective investor to purchase the home at a little higher than the market price. It is obvious that, generally, the new buyers do not willing to buy the house which is old-fashioned.

  • Refurbish home

When you remodel the home, it will look that the home is renovated without much investment. You will feel the freshness in hosting the family and friends who visit your home.

  • More Space

Kitchen remodeler will suggest you and implement innovative idea which will result in more space and expansion of the existing kitchen. A contractor can increase the space by removing the unnecessary walls or unnecessary furniture. Upon finishing the remodeling process, you will have more space for walking, cleaning, cooking etc. You will have even more storage space.

  • Up to date appliances

While the remodeling process is going on, your appliances are also updated and some of them are replaced with new ones. If you are still using the old stove and burner, the kitchen remodeling contractor shall provide you with the latest version of the kitchen appliance to match with the classic look of your kitchen.

It is advisable to carry out some research prior to the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process. We recommend visiting us at Fort Worth-Arlington for your requirements. Our team is always there and willing to help you out in choosing the best possible option for your kitchen remodeling. We shall also give you the indicative cost that the remodeling project will require to complete with different alternatives.

You must need professional remodeler to carry out the remodeling work since it has a number of advantages such as optimum utilization of space with the affordable cost, using the latest available technologies and trends of the kitchen and bath industries etc. Visit us today for your kitchen and bath remodeling requirements.



Frequently asked questions

  • Will I get satisfied?

When it comes to our company, you should rest assured that you will get satisfied with the results we provide. If you have any complaint on the service provided, we are available to do corrections minus charging you extra costs.

  • What about prices?

We have a pricing policy that is flexible so that you get services as per your budget. We will give you a quote basing on what you have and give you the best service. Our prices are the best in the whole market and the services we give are also on top of the market.

We offer the best services in the region. Choose us today and you will be one of our happy clients. We always aspire to exceed your expectations at all times. We are your number one choice when looking for kitchen and bath remodeling experts in the region.